About Me

Welcome to my Realm!

My name is Anna, I’m a Camgirl, Dominatrix, Fetish Content Producer and Kink Educator!

I’ve created this website out of the desire to share with you my experience and knowledge. I will share about my journey into becoming what today is Miss Anna. About my accomplishments but also about my failure in the adult industry.

I started my career as a camgirl in 2011, the moment I had the legal age to do so. I do not have any kind of heartful story about how I had to do this for survival, I know unfortunately many people in the industry start from the need for financial stability but I started because, honestly I had no idea, sexually speaking what the hell I like.

My family was very conservative and religious, things changed since then but back then was different, even if I had a bf and been naughty behind their backs, I couldn’t bring the sex topic to them. So I started webcaming from my desire of knowing more about me and my body. I have found an ads in a newspaper (yeah I’m old enough, I know) with something like “discover yourself sexually while making money” and that is how all started. The first year or perhaps the first two years, I have been glamour/vanilla which indeed help me in a personal way ( confidence and self-love) but slowly after I discovered BDSM and domination, in general, I have finally became my true self.

Now, let’s get to the part where Miss Ann surfaced and slowly, transformed into what I’m today. If you have already gone thru my stories, I believe you already found the post where I speak in detail about how I realized that becoming a FemDom is what I really needed to satisfy myself sexually. Besides being a Dominatrix, I also consider myself a kink educator, because I enjoy sharing with both my peers and subs about my knowledge and why not learn from their experiences also. I’m hungry for knowledge and I strive to learn new things always.

How can you get to know Miss Anna?

That is simple, once you have the opportunity to serve me and start a connection with me, then you will slowly uncover every layer of me.

How can you serve Me?

Easly, you can book a session, apply for long-term servitude or get into one of My fan club websites.