Hungry , hungry girl…..

Sunday morning , I wake up make a coffe I get on balcony open my phone to check any news and I notice I have a mail . ” Black short business skirt, black heels, nude thigh highs, white blouse with buttons and matching black underwear, “.  That is  Mr D , he is my master, in 2 years of practicing BDSM only had 2 masters so far. Why ?! Well because they were the only one I been compatible with and really know how to make me submit and not trying to get something that i do not do by pretending to be a master and ordering.

Anyways , once I read the mail  I search in my closet and search for  black skirt , nude thigh and white blouse , I know for sure i have black matching bra and panties because is his favorite underwear. I found everything, I dress up take a picture and sent it . shortly I receive another mail . Tonight at 23:00 I m coming from work and I want a private with you, wait me dressed like that .

Is almost 23:00 I m fixing my make up , he loves red lips . I m dressed exactly as he required . I press go online and patiently waiting for him to arrive. In 5 minutes he appears online and press the private button. “Take your shoes and your skirt off. Come here and kneel in front of me”. I can feel that definite flush of wetness . I drop my gaze and crosses the room and slowly lower myself  in front of him , palms up in offering on my thighs, bottom centered over my  feet, spine straight, shoulders back. This position is called Nadu, and it is how he asked to always present in front of him when I m kneeling.

“We’re celebrating the coming summer tonight, it is time.”

My eyes get bigger and sparkle more, I breath deeply  and think of what is to come.

“Hungry, hungry girl”

“Look at me. Shoulders back. Open your legs take  an ice-cube and slowly tease ur clit with it , going up and down. I get an ice cube and slowly touching my clit going up and down couple of times, Is cold but I m so excited that the cube is melting fast , I moan closing my eyes , wishing to touch myself.

“Stop. I said tease not playing with yourself . Bad Bad Girl. Turn around and spank urself untill I tell you to stop”

My body is shivering , I turn around and I start slapping my ass for being a bad girl and wanting to play with myself so bad, 1.2, 3…147,148,149,150 .

“Stop now and let me look at  your ass ”

My ass is so red , hurting and is burning.

” Will you try to play with yourself again without my permission? ”

No Master , I ‘m sorry master .

“Turn around , unbutton your blouse, and take off  your bra, let me see you completely naked”

I’m naked in front of him, naked of clothes and naked of prejudice . I slowly rise my head and look into the screen waiting for his next order.

“Get your clamps and put them on your nipples. Lay back open your legs and get the hitachi and turn it on level 1″

I put my clamps on, they hurt but the pleasure is bigger than the pain, I lay down open my legs and turn on hitachi at level 1. My pussy is getting wet and I want so bad to press to the next level. Master may I change to level 2?!

” No . Stop  and look at me”

My legs are trembling and I want to cum so bad  . But….

(to be continued)


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