Advices for wifes that have submissive husbands …..

Is your husband truly submissive?


I’ve been an online Dominatrix for few years now   and I had and have all type of submissive people serving me , but I’ve decided to write this article for their wifes . Yes wifes  because some of my subs have  great wifes that understand their fetishes , their way of being and some of them not only understand  but  even support them.

But what can you do when your husband whom declared himself a submissive male does not follow any tasks  a  sub should do .

Few days ago I hadve had one of my subs telling me he did not only fail to obey me but failed to obey his wife too , and made her disappointed with him.

Why? Simple , he consider himself as being sissy slave  / cuckold , but yet he failed clean her after they had sex , he denied to lick off his cum out of her pussy and made her disappointed  once again ( since he failed before) . When he told me that he have failed I ve decided to punish him , because after all I m his Mistress . But what can the wife do?

First of all I would suggest training . And I don’t mean the Mistress type of training , but the punish we women give to our men in our life , subs or not.

What is the training? Well simple , do not allow him feel any pleasure again until he does what you wish , even if he craves for it. Make him aroused , make him crawl at your feet wishing to have sex  , and deny it!!!!Second option could be , using him . YES , using him for your pleasure , just as u use a sex toy , but do not allow him have an orgasm , buy him  a chastity cage and keep the key with you. Unlock him when you want to use him as u desire , then put him back into the cage without letting him feel any pleasure.


And the last option I use with subs that deny to taste their cum for me after they have an orgasm is this .

Let him cum once , save his cum , put it in a freezer , then start the training with the advice I gave you above , when they will get so excited that they can’t think straight , they will be willing to do anything to let them have an orgasm , then you tell them if they keep the frozen cum in their mouth while having sex you ALLOW him to cum . They might deny at the beginning but after a while they will be willing to do anything , just be patient . Once he accepts , repeat the process till they actually get used with it.

Same goes with other type of training  ladies !!!

Seduce them , make them crave and crawl at your feet   and you will have everything you desire!!!

One thought on “Advices for wifes that have submissive husbands …..

  1. Thanks for your post:
    My rule is my husband must clean up his semen, always. There are times I just want to see his submission to me so I have him orgasm onto my feet and toes so I can watch him clean up his mess.
    I blogged about how I trained him to consume, It took a while as his desired dropped after his release.
    I believe this act must be followed out always if he is truly your submissive..

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