J and L , my first submissive couple

Last year while I was broadcasting a member came to my room , and he start talking about his fantasy and how he has no courage in actually try to fulfill that. We talked for a while , he asked me If we can go private and  tell him what is like to be a SISSY and  CUCK , because that was his fantasy. I accepted . As soon as we went in private , i told him to relax , and tell me how he imagine himself when he is really excited , and he start telling me about it , the more he told me the more excited he was , and I could see  that this is what he really wish , wasnt only a fantasy but actually something he really desired. So I decided ! Yes ! I decided to train him to be a good sissy and a good cuck to his gf and a real man . He was shy at first , but he followed my instructions , day by day , week by week , then he disappeared . Usually when a submissive disappears like this means he did not find the courage to actually try , got scared and ran away . That is  what I thought it happened with J also .

Few weeks after , I see him in my room again , I ask him how he is , and what happened . He gave me a reply i did not expect ” Mistress I did it ! I finally sucked a dick ” I was really surprised ,  he asked if we can go private because he needs to be with me only so he can give me all the details . He start telling me everything , I was amazed , I didn’t expect him really doing it , he didn’t finish his training and ran away , now he returns and tell me this . We decided he still needs more training , he still had many things to learn , he didnt aspire to become the perfect slut , but he  wanted to be a good slut for me .


One night , while I was online , i see him joining my room , I said hi yet he did not reply as usual . I don’t know about other Dommes but I know when something is not proper or if a sub address to me in a way he never did before . So I PM him ( PM=private message , there is an option on Chaturbate to actually talk to someone without anyone else seeing your conversation) . While in pm , he tells me  ” Hello , my name is L and I’m J’s GF ” . Now let’s get something straight , I have not agreed with J to meet his gf , I was getting a little bit upset , but then she start talking . “So I got into J’s computer , I found the site open , and I thought is just porn ,so I was curious , but then I saw him following you  and have private recording with you , humiliating him , calling him your slut , and teaching him to eat his own cum. All this got me excited , not upset but excited to know you more , who are you and why do you treat J like this ” . We start talking , I told her about who I m , what I do , and she got more and more interested , and more excited . She asked If I m straight or I like girls too . I told her I m actually Pansexual , and I do have girls as submissive also , it happened that one of my very first girls subs to be in room also , and pointed to her. ( with A , my first girl  sub , I will write about her too one day)  now back to L , she was getting more interested , she asked  if I would be willing to dominate her as well . but she was scared , she asked me if she needs to buy anything , and I made her a list  , of easy ,new sub tools (clamps , Hitachi , dildo) and told her I will be seeing her next week , to prepare her mind and pussy 😉

To be continued .

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