Finally I can use findom hashtag…

From today on I accept FinSubs. If you consider yourself a FinSub you should know this.
– I will not do blackmail.
– I will not do teamviewer.
– I will not offer any types of things in exchange ( in fact if you search for one, you are not a finsub but just a fetishist, which is perfectly fine but you do not cater to this fetish).
Requirement for the subs that apply to be one of my finsubs.
I want someone that is successful, someone that dominate everyone around them in their day by day life, someone that is greedy and think the most powerful thing one can possess is Money. Someone that feels like he is lost, weak and meaningless the moment he gives that power away. Someone that also understands the moment he let his “treasure” go, he can become truly free.

Notice: If you are struggling with money, promising me you will eat instant soup or whatever other bs it goes in one’s head, sleeping on street etc to give me your money, I’m not interested. I want to take power away from the powerful ones, I have no desire of making someone’s life miserable.


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