The Witch : Bimbofication Curse

A strange woman came into town and opened a flower shop. There were rumors that she was a witch. People said that everyone who goes there suddenly changes and becomes happier, like they are high. Others said that she eats people’s souls and they disappear. Chris, however, did not believe this.  After all, he said to himself, we are in the 21st century, who believes in witches anymore? Time passed by and the rumors became even stronger. Chris was facing a hard time at work and he decided he should visit the flower shop. After all, what can really happen? She is probably just a regular a woman.  She couldn’t really have any power, he thought, but still he was intrigued. The next day he passed by the flower shop on his way home and entered. A  short woman, with a strange haircut and an innocent smile welcomed him inside. So this is the witch? Ha, how foolish people can be?  of course she would have her business going, she is a woman, smile to everyone and to be honest she sells flowers. Every man wants to make their woman happy. Sometimes I wish I were a woman. It’s so easy. All you have to do is smile, he thought to himself. The woman asked what kind of flowers would he like.

“I have no idea”, said Chris, “I just came by because I was curious about your shop, that is all. I don’t have a girlfriend or anyone to give flowers to.”

“I’m sure you would like these,”, said the woman,  and she showed him a bouquet of pink roses. “They fit you very well.”


How foolish of her, he thought. He had just told her that he has no one to give flowers to. Why would he like roses?  And pink, above all colors. It’s not like I’m some sort of dumb sexy bimbo that would be over-excited to receive a bouquet of roses. Ha, we all know what a woman has to do in exchange for them afterwards.


The woman smiled.  But he could see that she was slightly annoyed. He wondered why. It’s not like she can hear his thoughts. He laughed inside, thinking what could she do even if he would have said that out loud.


“As I said, I was just curious about your shop, since there are rumors and people are delighted or scared of you.  That’s why I came by. I had a long day at work and I just need to rest now. Thank you for your time, I shall take my leave now.”

“Wait,” said the woman. “I was serious when I said this bouquet of pink roses are perfect for you. It’s a gift from me. It will make you feel better.”

“No, thank you. I don’t see how a bouquet of roses would make me feel any better,” said Chris.

“Take it,” insisted the woman.


In the end, he gave up and took the flowers. He left the store and wanted to throw them away, but the flowers actually looked cute and he thought it would be a waste to just throw them away.


When he got home, he put the roses in a glass of water near his bed. At least the smell of roses might make him feel a bit more relaxed. He remembered this silly idea of flowers being able to change one’s spirit. Maybe for women, but not for men, he thought. But, still, he put them near.

He got his pyjamas on and layed down in bed. He was too tired for anything and he just wanted to disappear into slumber . While he was sleeping he had the weirdest dream ever. It was so real that he could actually see it. His legs became long and smooth; his lips start becoming fuller and bigger; he could see huge eyelashes and long blonde hair. The dream became even weirder when he saw his boobs grow to a size B. What a weird dream, he thought. I wonder if now that I am dreaming of me as a woman if I have a pussy, too? He put his hand down his pants. He could feel his pants were very small and made of satin. They feel actually really good.  I must be a very sexy woman. As he was reaching between his legs he realized he really did have a pussy. He laughed inside, thinking how funny it was that he had not had sex in ages because of his dick size, and now he is dreaming about touching his own vagina. But wait, he could actually touch himself? Maybe he could reach an orgasm, see what a woman feels since he had never been able to satisfy one. So he start touching his clit. Wow, this feels good. Really good, he thought . The more he touched himself, the more pleasure he could feel. But at the same time with every move, his tits became bigger. His lips and hair as well. He started rubbing his clit even more. This felt so good he couldn’t stop until he (she) orgasmed. That was his most intense experience he ever had and now he had a DD sized tits and a tiny waist. He thought he probably looked so sexy. The clock alarm went off. He opened his eyes and sighed. I wish I were a woman; that was one hell of a dream. He reached to his phone to stop the alarm,  when he saw that he got a message from his boss.


“Rose, I need you at work as quick as possible We have a new client and I need you to convince him to sign the contract,” his boss said.


Back to real life, he thought. But wait, did he say Rose? Who the fuck is Rose? I’m Chris. When he suddenly looked down and saw that he still had his boobs and  was wearing a satin night-dress. What the hell?!? He ran to the mirror and was completely shocked. He was not Chris anymore, he was a woman. A woman who was probably called Rose. And he has the biggest tits he ever saw; and the biggest round ass, with a tiny waist, huge juicy lips and really long blond hair. He couldn’t believe himself. He thought, maybe I’m still sleeping. He started poking himself in vain. Everything was real. But how is this even possible?


Wait…. The flower shop owner. The roses? He looked where he left the roses and there were only petals left on floor….



To be continued.



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