Tell me something that makes you happy or scare you

While I was waiting for my coffee me and my best friend had a little chat about myself

  • Ann, tell me something about you, something that makes you happy or scares you.
  • Myself does.
  • What?
  • Myself, I’m what scares me and makes me happy in the same time.

It’s scary how easily I can seduce or manipulate people. Intentionally or not. It’s scares me the mindfuck I play with every man who comes into my life, its like a part of me I can’t control. I do not consider myself a femme fatal, I’m not perfect but I’m well aware of what my brain can do and how tricky my innocent appearance can be. Have you ever seen how comfortable and relaxed people get once they think they are safe around certain people? That makes me happy and scared in same time. I can’t stop playing with those people. I can’t stop crawling into their skin, making them addicted to me without even having them knowing what is happening.

  • Are you scared you could easily hurt the men around you?
  • Scared?, haha.
  • No, I’m not scared, it’s makes me happy seeing them suffer for me and that terrifies  me.

My phone suddenly rings, it’s a message, a message in Kik, I open and see I got a video from Runder. He is a good boy, he just sent a video of his tasks, his ass is so purple and bruised. That gives me a strange feeling of comfort.

I smile and sent “good boy”.

One thought on “Tell me something that makes you happy or scare you

  1. Thank you my Lady. I am honored to be owned by you. i hope i can continue to make you happy and proud.


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