The Best Marriage.

(this story is a fantasy and the people in the story are not real)

I’ve meet him at a party. He was there with some common friends we had, someone introduced him to me telling me he is the CEO of an online newspaper.They left us at the table and went to the dance floor. we seemed to click, laughing and joking and chatting easily. After 2 hours of silly chat I had to go because one of my friends did not feel good but before that he gave me his business card and tell me to visit sometimes if I have time.

I was searching for a part time job and a friend said that she might have a job for me as an intern to some company that works mostly online, I was surprised to see that the one hiring was actually his company. When I got there he introduced me to his partner Mark that looked a bit of a douche, but a douche with a big dick looking at his pants, I can recognise that, I have enough experience. Anyways, we left his partner outside, I could feel they do not get very well and head towards his office, he gave me some papers and kept pretending and trying to not show how excited he was that I will be working with him.

Several weeks have passed since I got hired and he finally got the courage to ask me out and apparently talk about how I handle my job there. We got on terrifically and after a couple of drinks our conversation drifted from work and he opened up a little, became a little more personal, he began to confide in me. He told me about his previous relationships which generally ended disastrously and I laughed about my inability to find the right man.

I even replied with ” Why are men not as nice as you”.

After we went out couple of times we actually started to become a couple, everything was great beside his actually desire of having sex and god knows how much I love sex. Every time I tried to get closer to him he would find reasons and leave, everytime excuses. But I was decided to make this work so one night I’ve dressed myself sexy invited him over to have a bottle of wine, I got him so drunk and aroused that I actually managed to undress him.

Wow, the shock, I mean I knew something wasn’t quite right when he kept finding excuses but really? That small? I was blown away by the size of it, so small, so useless, so pathetic. I’ve start wondering myself what I should do, he was too drunk to care or notice but I was having all sort of feelings from angriness to amusement and sadness. He was such a good man, getting me everything I want but what can I do, I love sex and he can’t give it to me. But then I decide that I’m going to have both him and sex, he just doesn’t have to find out.

Soon I start flirting with Mark, he had a big cock and I was hungry for it, we start flirting, throwing indecent proposals to each other until we actually ended fucking each other at work in the service bathroom. First time it was fast he just grabbed my hair and lifted my skirt fucking me from behind, I could feel his dick so deep that it actually got me instantly wet. Second time I invited him over and when he arrived I just closed the door, kneeling, unzipped his pants, pulled his dick out and start sucking, licking it, spiting on it, till it become rock hard, then he start fucking me in every corner of the room.

Everything was wonderful until one day. That day Mark just left and I heard a knock on my door, I thought he forgot something so I just went all ravished with ruined lipstick, mascara tears on my face from all the deepthroat and completely naked, maybe he forgot something maybe he wants more. I opened the door and there was my BOYFRIEND!!! I could see the anger in his face, he began to ask if I’m alright, I told him he supposed to be at work so why is he here, he told me he finished work earlier and wanted to invite me to dinner but he saw Mark leaving my apartment and judging by how I look he knows that I’m a cheating whore.

For a moment I felt sad and scared he will leave me but I remembered about his dick so I got angry and did not really care if he leaves me, why would I ruin my life with a miserable sex life, no way!

“Get naked” I said. He was confused.

“Get naked and show me your dick now” I said again. I’m tired to pretend, do you think I have not seen that pathetic excuse of a cock? You think I don’t know why you are finding excuses every time we get close to have sex? How long did you think you could fool me? I’m a woman and I love sex, sex that you with that useless dick can’t provide me…

He start babbling and I could not hear anything clearly, his face was red and he was trembling. He wanted to ran away but I stopped him. I stopped him and told him things do not have to end like that because I love him, I just hate his dick, but we could be together forever if he just accept I have sexual needs that other men can provide me. He said he cant accept something like this but I pushed him on the couch I got in front of him naked and told him how Mark fucks me and how wet I get. I got on top of him and unzipped his pants. I put my hand in his panties and began to rub is small dick as I start whispering how big Mark cock is and how he pulls my face in the pillow and fucks me doggy making me scream with pleasure, how he chokes me while I suck his dick and how he fills my pussy with a huge load at the end. by now his little dick was already hard, well…as hard as a dick that size can be. I asked if he wants to cum, he muttered saying that he does, I told him him to kneel, I opened my legs and said “Clean as you keep rubbing your dicklet if you want to cum” . He did it obediently as he put his tongue on my clit and start licking and sucking it slowly, I start moaning and pushing his face deeper into my pussy, he finally could give me and orgasm as he came everywhere in his panties.

” Good boy, next time we should do it all three”

“All three ?!” he asked.

Yes, you, me and Mark. I will let you see everything i whispered in your ear.

“Marry me!” He said.

I agreed, we are such a perfect couple.

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