The Witch : Bimbofication Curse Part 2

Back to real life, he thought. But wait, did he say Rose? Who the fuck is Rose? I’m Chris. When he suddenly looked down and saw that he still had his boobs and  was wearing a satin night-dress. What the hell?!? He ran to the mirror and was completely shocked. He was not Chris anymore, he was a woman. A woman who was probably called Rose. And he has the biggest tits he ever saw; and the biggest round ass, with a tiny waist, huge juicy lips and really long blond hair. He couldn’t believe himself. He thought, maybe I’m still sleeping. He started poking himself in vain. Everything was real. But how is this even possible?

Chris was so overwhelmed by this, what did that witch do to him? How could this be real, he kept repeating to himself that is only a dream he will soon wake up from and everything will be back to normal. Several hours passed yet Chris was still Rose. His boss keep calling and sending messages addressing to Chris as Rose. He threatened Chris, saying that if Rose wont come to work she will be fired because she is only useful when she does her job properly.

As he was laying on his bed looking at the ceiling, he heard someone knocking to his door. He start to freak out thinking that one of his friends would come by, or perhaps any of his family. He stood up, went to the door and checked thru the door sight. There he was, his boss standing in front of his door, Chris could see how angry his boss was, yet he was unable to make himself open the door.

“Rose, I know you are there, open up. I am not sure what happen to you but you must open the door and let’s us chat, OK?!”

Chris finally open his door and his boss invited himself inside.

“Look Rose, I’m not sure what is up, perhaps you suddenly became shy? Perhaps you think you are not good enough for this job? Shall I make you come back to your sense? I know what a good employee you are, maybe you just need some impulse? Come here.”

When Chris try to get closer to his boss, he suddenly feel a hand on his head, his boss has already grabbed him by the hair pushing him down on the couch and lifting the dress he was wearing.

Chris tried to fight back, even start saying he is a man and this is not right.

His boss start laughing.

” You are really funny you know Rose?! How can you tell me you are a man, have I not seen you naked before, have I not filled this nasty holes of yours before?”

As he was hearing his boss talk, while struggling to escape, he suddenly felt a strange feeling he never felt before, he start asking what is this, but before he could figure out, his boss was already roughly fucking him.

“Yes whore, just like this, let me remind you why I’ve hired you. Feels good isn\t? That’s right, you missed this dick isn;t? Maybe that’s why you wont go and whore yourself like you normally do in order to have our contract signed.Turn around. I Said turn around, don’t make me angry, you know how I’m when angry”

Chris turned around, but his boss pushed him on his knees, grabbing his face and shove his big, thick cock inside Chris’s mouth. He felt like he was nauseous, he never could imagine dick could feel like this, he was overwhelmed, he felt powerless. All the time he been laughing at women being just some sluts, and now, he is the slut. He start feeling disgusted with himself. Yet he could not do anything anymore, he just could not fight against his boss. His boss kept fucking his mouth, making him deepthroat it. He felt his boss dick getting harder and harder, and he could feel this taste that soon he would guessed it was precum.

Soon his boss pulled his dick out and came all over Chris’s face, and then told him to lick it up all, just like he always do.

“Now go take a shower slut, wear the clothes I brought and let’s go, we have a contract to sign.”

Chris could not do anything but follow the given orders, he got dressed, even if he was disgusted by what just happen, he could admit, him as Rose was pretty sexy, he would fuck himself too.

Once they arrived in the hotel lobby they had the business meeting planed, 3 men were waiting for them. Chis’s boss nodded and then told Rose to go to the hotel room number 3 and wait till they discuss some things and then they will follow shortly.

Chris was wondering why would they want to sign a contract in a hotel room, so strange. But he did not even settle, that his boss and the other 3 men, joined the room. Locked the door behind and they made Chris kneel, ripped his dress off, bend him over and start fucking him. Chris would try and ask for help but they would just laugh saying that she pretends to be so innocent this time. They promised Chris a big raise, so he stopped fighting, in the end he did wanted to get that new car. They filled his holes, stretching his ass, filling his mouth, making him their cum dumpster. They used him so hard. Spanking, biting his nipples, double penetrating his ass, he could feel his ass being ripped, and tears flowing. He was just a whore to them,. The moment they were done, patted Chris on his head and told him she is a good slut. Chris boss told him to go and take a shower. When Chris saw himself in the bathroom mirror, he could not help but notice, even with the ruined make up, tears and used face, he was so pretty…. So pretty! As he recalled what happen he could not stop getting aroused, such a weird feeling. Being aroused by the idea of becoming a whore for a man.

They left. Chris returned home, in his bed accepting his fate now.

In the morning when Chris woke up, ran in front of the mirror and saw that he was not Rose anymore, he was Chris again. No big round boobs, no juicy lips, no long legs and blonde hair. First he was so happy but soon after, he start feeling a overwhelmed feeling of sadness.

Who would want Chris now? Rose was sexy but him? Phone rang and when he answered, his boss told him to check his mails and sent a reply.

Chris realized that his boss will never make him his whore again…

Chris start crying…

He now wanted to be used by his boss, he wanted those dicks. He loved the cum.

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