This name sounds so weird right? Well let me tell you, that you might have already used remote controlled toys such as Lovense or Hismith and teledildonics is the name for having virtual sex or any kind of sexual pleasure one would opt for since there are several kind of toys. You have anal stimulating toys, vaginal stimulating ones, balls stimulating, penis stimulating ones etc . Basically, these toys are what helps us getting to another level of intimacy online. I personally love the idea of being able to torment, tease and make my subs excited even when I am thousand of km away. Having the power to decide how fast or slow they go is very entertaining and arousing to me.

Actually one of my favorite session I do online with one of my subs, J, consist in something that has to do with teledildonics. We have been doing this for few years now and I still get as excited and entertained by it as I was at the begining.

The session goes like this, once a week for 30minutes, I tell J to insert his Hush plug in, have Domi tied onto his penis, then he turns is cam on, gives me the control for the hush and domi, then he ties himself on the bed and waits for me to start. We have done this several times and at beginning, he would get to orgasm pretty quick because I was testing his resistance or sometimes I could not really figure out how close he is in getting a release, but slowly, in time I have become to master this. Now I can tease and torment him, bring him close to orgasm several times during those 30 min and deny him at the end. I just love to see the expression on his face when I get him close to orgasm, then stop. I stimulate his prostate almost all the time during the session but for his penis, I have to stop several times, unless I am feeling pretty mean and want to torment him even more and give him a post orgasm torture.

But if I was to chose what is what I love the most while we play, is seeing J how vulnerable, how excited, how much he tries to fight his urges and how his will power goes away if I decided to allow him an orgasm, of course most of times I allow it but I do not express it out loud to him, instead I make him cum, then joke about him being unable to resist the desire and he should be punished.

J’s thoughts on the session:

“J here, how do I feel about the sessions with my Mistress? Well, you must understand I love to be tied up. The feeling of helplessness really enhances the experience for me. So, combining it with the lovense toys was a really good idea. It gives her control over my most precious parts and fills me with both immense pleasure and a great predicament, since I am not allowed to cum. So, I try my best to keep it all back, but it is all in her control and I always have great orgasms when she so decides and when denied feel very proud, I could handle it and very horny since she usually have me on the edge multiple times during the 30 minutes. If you like to give up control, I would recommend this kind of play. Just make sure you have a way out of the tie.”

Another way of using the remote controlling toys would be when I integrate them in my CBT sessions. I just love to combine Diamo or Domi with Kali’s Teeth. The idea of teasing and vibing their balls or their penis, making it hard while the spikes of Kali’s Teeth go deeper and deeper into their penis, is amazing. My mantra is ” Pain is Pleasure, your pain, my pleasure” and I would say this kind of torture is one of my favorites and if you have been reading my other posts, I always expressed how CBT is my first BDSM love.

Hismith company is focused more on fuck machines than small toys, which is actually great for anal lovers. They have several sex machine, few of them are actually customized for travelling, so if you have to travel for business and not only and feel like you will have some time for yourself to have fun, they are the best.

What I like most at this fuck machines is that it actually gives me the feeling I am behind the sub and fuck him myself, using my strap-on and moving it, slowly, fast or combine it. Making the sub bend over, have the fuck machine ready while I already imagine myself making him face down, ass up for me as I shove my strap-on deep, oh yeah. Hehe might have gotten carried away a bit…

Anyways, I am really thankful for all these innovative toys because it helps me fulfill my desires and brings me closer to my subs, allowing both of us to become closer to a deeper level, exploring all corners of sexuality.

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