Chastity cage/training.

Yes, the time has come! We spoke about cuckolding, about remote-controlled sex toys, now is time to talk about chastity training and chastity cages.

One of my favorite fetishes is orgasm control which of course includes chastity training. Now as a Domme, the purpose of making one of my submissives wear a chastity cage for me is to assert my power over the submissive, to control every aspect of the sub’s life, including sexual life. It’s my pleasure to know someone is only touching and having orgasms only when I allow it!

Now as a submissive, if you are interested in chastity training and chastity wearing, before we go to the proper training, I will have to ask. What is your aim? Is there a chastity-wearing scenario/ roleplay that turns you on and makes you curious about it?  Is chastity also tied to humiliation? Does it turn you on knowing you are wearing it? Or do you want to shift your attention from masturbating too much, to doing something else, such as being more productive?

Regardless of the reason, the result is the same. Locked up!

So what kind of chastity is the best chastity to start with?

Chastity cages are made of various materials but among the most popular ones are:

Plastic ones– They are the most popular ones, cheap, and easy to use, but I wouldn’t really recommend them, due to the material that causes, itches, allergies, scratches, and sometimes odor.

Silicone ones–  Reasonably priced, lots of variation in models and colors, comfortable and safe to use. I recommend these for all the newbies in chastity training, these cages should be the ones to start with because they are excellent for day-to-day wear and comfort thanks to the flexible nature of the material.

Metal ones–  Metal devices are perfect for heavy play scenes and pushing your own limits. A hard-on could never break a metal cage ;). They are easy to clean and last for a long time.

Last, but not the last remote-controlled ones– these ones are perfect for remote-controlled chastity training. The app allows the user to give up control of their chastity cage to another person. The person can always unlock the cage, even from distance, using a phone app.

How to pick your chastity cage!

First thing first, you will have to meansure yourself!  You need to know the length of your penis when flaccid, the width of your penis when soft, and the girth of your penis and balls (taken from behind the sack and around).

Now that you measured yourself, you can choose the chastity cage that fits you perfectly.

Once you get the cage in your hands, do not immediately stick your dick in it. Yes, I know it’s tempting but we don’t want you to end up hurt or who knows how. So once you get the cage, play with it.  Take it apart and put it back together again, again and again. Get familiar with it, if you plan to spend a long time in it. Does the device come together again easily? Is the locking mechanism a little stiff? Do the keys work properly? Are there any sharp or rough edges on the device? You must pay attention to all these details before getting that anywhere near your penis.

In order to get your chastity cage on, you must be flaccid, I know it might be hard ( no pun intended) to have your penis in your hand and not be hard but, it’s a must requirement. If you must, put your dick in a ice bowl ( like I tell my subs).

Ok, now that is flaccid and ready to be caged, first, you will have to coat your flaccid penis, the inside of the cage, and the inside edge of the ring in lube. I recommend water-based lube because is the one that lasts the most. Now that everything is lubed, you can lock yourself, get your balls thru the ring, then get your cock into the cage and close the clamp above your testicles to hold it on.

That is it! Now you are closed!

Have fun!

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