Tell me something that makes you happy or scare you

While I was waiting for my coffee me and my best friend had a little chat about myself Ann, tell me something about you, something that makes you happy or scares you. Myself does. What? Myself, I’m what scares me and makes me happy in the same time. It’s scary how easily I can seduceContinue reading “Tell me something that makes you happy or scare you”

Hello, I don’t know if you remember me

Few weeks ago I decided to go to  club with my best friend , my cousin and some other people. I wasn’t very happy about this, I m not really the type of person that goes to clubs, the music there disturbs me, but anyways, since was about my best friend and she recently movedContinue reading “Hello, I don’t know if you remember me”

J and L , my first submissive couple

Last year while I was broadcasting a member came to my room , and he start talking about his fantasy and how he has no courage in actually try to fulfill that. We talked for a while , he asked me If we can go private and  tell him what is like to be aContinue reading “J and L , my first submissive couple”

Advices for wifes that have submissive husbands …..

Is your husband truly submissive?   I’ve been an online Dominatrix for few years now   and I had and have all type of submissive people serving me , but I’ve decided to write this article for their wifes . Yes wifes  because some of my subs have  great wifes that understand their fetishes , theirContinue reading “Advices for wifes that have submissive husbands …..”

Hungry , hungry girl…..

Sunday morning , I wake up make a coffe I get on balcony open my phone to check any news and I notice I have a mail . ” Black short business skirt, black heels, nude thigh highs, white blouse with buttons and matching black underwear, “.  That is  Mr D , he is myContinue reading “Hungry , hungry girl…..”