Chastity cage/training.

Yes, the time has come! We spoke about cuckolding, about remote-controlled sex toys, now is time to talk about chastity training and chastity cages. One of my favorite fetishes is orgasm control which of course includes chastity training. Now as a Domme, the purpose of making one of my submissives wear a chastity cage forContinue reading “Chastity cage/training.”


According to the Urban Dictionary, cuckolding means “a man who willingly encourages his wife to sleep with other people because it brings him pleasure. Cuckolds exist on a spectrum between two extremes. One on end is the masochistic cuckold who enjoys humiliations, degradation, and other demeaning activities at the hands of his wife and her lover. The alpha cuckold liesContinue reading “Cuckolding”


This name sounds so weird right? Well let me tell you, that you might have already used remote controlled toys such as Lovense or Hismith and teledildonics is the name for having virtual sex or any kind of sexual pleasure one would opt for since there are several kind of toys. You have anal stimulatingContinue reading “Teledildonics”

Hungry , hungry girl…..

Sunday morning , I wake up make a coffe I get on balcony open my phone to check any news and I notice I have a mail . ” Black short business skirt, black heels, nude thigh highs, white blouse with buttons and matching black underwear, “.  That is  Mr D , he is myContinue reading “Hungry , hungry girl…..”