Sounding Fetish

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk to you about the safe practice of sounding. I believe you reached to my blog from your sounding research but if you landed here by mistake, I will start by first, explaining what sounding means.

Sounding has several names in the fetish world, some call it “cock stuffing” or catheter fetish, regardless of the name, the meaning is all the same and is a subcategory of medical play, basically sounding means introducing a rod into the urethral opening down to the bladder. Why would someone do that? Well for exactly the same reason we do any other fetishes/kinks play. For pleasure. Of course the sounding is not going to feel like a handjob, blowjob or sex but the idea of having someone control each part of your body, each hole is amazing isn’t? The power play that comes with it can be very exciting. Of course sounding has physical use also, once you insert the rod into your urethra, reaching down the bladder, you will definitely get an interesting feeling that will get you aroused and turned on.

Now, let’s talk about how you should try the sounding on your own. I have been an online Domme for a while and I get people that come and tell me they would love to try sounding, however many times I have to say no because most do not have special sounding rods and would often use Qtips, parts of a ballpoint pen etc.

The most important part of sounding in safe practice, urethra, like many parts of our body is made of delicate tissue and if the tissue is injured in any way, could lead to urinary tract infection or worse so I do not engage in sounding play with anything that was not designed to be used for it.

How to prepare for sounding?

First you will need a set of sounding rods such as Rosebud urethral sounds kit this kit is designed for dilatation and there is no danger of suddenly drop in so is better for beginners . I would recommend a kit and not a single sounds rod because you have to stretch your urethra in order to be able to introduce it deep inside, a kit has several sizes, from 6mm to 12mm an aspect that is very important during the training.

Secondly you will need a special lube, the one I made my subs buy is called surgilube and is a medical lube used exactly for this, sounding, but in the medical way :P. The lube helps the rod to slide in easier and since is for medical use is also safe to put inside your urethra, lubing it well and prepare it for penetration.

Third, you will need medical gloves. Like I said, safe practice prevent UTI so everything should be done properly.

Now let’s start the training, shall we?

First of all, if you are going to do it by yourself and not have someone else try it on you, the best way to do it is sitting on a chair, laid back a bit, so be sure you have your sounding kit ready, the surgical lube and the gloves. Wash your penis with warm water and soap, dry it with a clean cotton towel. Once you are ready to start, get the gloves on grab your cock, put a drop of surgilube on top of it and start inserting the smallest size you have. You will have to start with the smallest in order to understand which size is the best for you first, sometimes the smallest size is too small and you will have to get to a bigger size for ultimate pleasure. Do not force or push it in, as I said the sound rod must slide in by itself, you are only holding it to guide the way and keep it from suddenly drooping in, but if you are going for the Rosebud, there is no need to be anxious that it might be dropping, like I said, this kit is for dilatation and the wider tip will prevent that, so guide it gentle to the bottom without force and enjoy the feeling.

Once is in, remove the sound slowly, if the sensation is nice and you feel great, you may move it in and out slowly, again without pushing it, allowing yourself to enjoy the arousing feeling. Slowly you can move to a bigger size, you will do the same with this too, a drop of surgilube, guide it slowly, let it slide it. Repeat this with every size you have enjoying the feeling, if you reach to a point where a size does not go in, means you will need to train yourself more till will be able to introduce it without any restraint. Do not overdo it. Once you got to the size that wont go in, you can remove the rod and try another day, repeating the instructions again from the size you found more comfortable to use and was the easiest to insert and slide in.

When you are done, clean your sounding kit to prevent any bacteria.

If you already have some experience with sounding, and would love to stroke while you have a sound rod in, I recommend a rod that is designed for masturbation. A masturbation sound rod, such as this, is special designed for masturbation and has a handle on top that prevents it from sliding it completely, so you can play with no worries, just pleasure.

Here are some example of what my subs think of sounding play:

” I feel grateful for the guidance and excited for the sensation. It is a pleasure to give myself in this way and the sensation is like no other. So alluring and so unique. It is very special”. J

“It feels like itchy at first then converts in an arousal feeling when the rod hit the prostate, that in the physical aspect./In the mental aspect it feels great to give you the power of use my cock for your pleasure as you please, that is extreme arousal”. Nando.

“Sounding feel like stimulating your prostate but from inside giving waves of pleasure while the rod go down and up”

If you have questions about this fetish, do not hesitate to mail me!

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