Hello, I don’t know if you remember me

Few weeks ago I decided to go to  club with my best friend , my cousin and some other people. I wasn’t very happy about this, I m not really the type of person that goes to clubs, the music there disturbs me, but anyways, since was about my best friend and she recently moved to Italy also, I decided to give a try to enjoy.

My best friend, she is the type of woman everyone loves, I would even go beyond and say they worship her. She has this natural way of making you feel the best or the worse. Anyways, we know each other since ages now, so I could handle a night in a crazy place for her, we had a private table, next to us, there were about 6 guys and one girl, it was the birthday of one of them  and they were really loud  ( i know, the club atmosphere itself is being loud, just try to say they were wayyy worse). After like, 1 hour, I become extremely bored, I needed to get a break , so I went outside.  In the back of the club, there was like sort of small yard, or I don’t know how to call it, with a wall that was till my knees or so . I sit there with my glass in hand, I sent a kik message to one of my subs complaining about how boring it is.

I hear a noise, I turn around  and I see someone coming towards me. Was one of the guys from the table next to us .

  • Boyfriend? he asked .
  • No, not my boyfriend, I mean not that he wouldn’t like that, I think . I replied
  • Smoke?
  • No, I don’t smoke anymore, I used to but I quitted few months ago.
  • Oh so you don’t mind smoking next to you, temptation and all.
  • No, I have no problems with that, once I quit something I don’t start again. Unless of course I decide that I enjoy it very much and I want to retake the habit.
  • Same with men then?
  • Excuse me, but I’m not sure what are you trying to say, or do, you kept hinting about boyfriends. Do you have something to ask me? Like if I m single or married or, do you want to ask for my number or?
  • Sorry I didn’t meant to offend, I was just trying to make conversation, I saw you coming out here, I thought you smoke and  you are also attractive, weird, but attractive, I just wanted to chat with someone who appears smart and sort of sexy while I m having a cigarette . Also I’m a little bit drunk and my attempt of flirting might be very bad.

I was looking at him while he tried to excuse himself. He wasn’t bad-looking, tall, big brown eyes, dark skin, sort of muscular with a broken british accent.

  • Men, all the same, doesn’t matter what they are into, they all get shy when a woman is direct. I said, smiling.
  • So what are you doing in Italy? Study? Work? because I can tell you are not italian.
  • Study and work let’s say. And you ?
  • I m here to attend a work convention and it happened that one of my co workers birthday to be today and we decided to go out and celebrate a bit. We return Monday. This weekend is our chance to see the city and have some fun. What you work here, maybe we can exchange business cards.
  • I see, well I hope you enjoy it then, I should go back inside now, my friend might be asking where I am. About business cards, I don’t have one. I m a Mistress .

I could see the confusion in his eyes, he stared at me for few minutes  unable to speak .

  • You are a what?  A Mistress? Like those chicks dressed in latex and whip the shit out of losers?
  • Losers? excuse me but my subs are the most brave people one could ever meet. Brave people who decide to be free and enjoy who they truly are.
  • But you don’t really get excited doing that, do you? you must do it for the money and amusement. I mean you do prefer a real man, that could make you scream of pleasure
  • A real man? not enjoying ? Do it for the money? I do admit I enjoy the spoiling my subs give me, the things I can afford because to them, but NO, I actually enjoy it . Get aroused and empowered by it! About a real man, who shall that be? You?

I got a bit closer to him, I m not tall, only 160cm, yet the moment I got closer looking directly into his eyes, I could almost see his thoughts, and he didn’t appear so tall anymore either, maybe he was not that tall. He didn’t say a thing, stood there straight, like he froze for a moment.

  •  I thought so, now if you get a side from my way, I will return inside to my friends. I said in a sarcastic way.
  • Wait, wait please, I did not mean to offend you. I don’t know how to explain. I mean I’ve met all type of women in my life, no one so direct about what they do. And you are in no way the imagine of what I would see when someone say a Mistress. You look cute, innocent and fragile if I may say.
  • Well I wouldn’t blame you, I think porn industry ( not blaming by the way) put an image over dommes. But no, I don’t go around with a whip, screaming and humiliating men, unless they need it. I said, with a wicked smile.
  • Then what do you do? he asked intrigued
  • Well I’m more like a trainer, someone who supervise them, give them advice, encourage them. Like their loving gf, their strict teacher and their therapist.
  • That doesn’t sound so bad . But how do you convince people to do things, I mean, do you only ask them to do what they fantasies about?
  • Of course not. What I do goes beyond their fantasy. I play with their mind and body, I make them aroused, I make them desire me and be willing to do anything to make me happy .  Then  when I m happy, they get rewarded .
  • Yes I could not understand that, why would someone do that . I mean if they are horny they can just go somewhere have a good time, they don’t need to sacrifice themselves for an orgasm
  • Wrong! they don’t sacrifice themselves for an orgasm, but for me. I mean ( getting a step closer to him, looking straight into his eyes. I got his cig out of his mouth, I took a deep smoke out if it, I smiled, I touched his lips with my fingers, I told him his lips look good, soft . Must feel nice.
  • You can kiss them if you are curious to see how they feel, he said in a cheeky voice .
  • I could, but this is too easy. So is not fun for me. Then I slowly got my finger down to his neck, chest and then i got the cig back in his mouth .
  • Here, as I said ,, I quit smoking few months ago , but now you can have my lipstick on your lips also, it’s a cool shade of it, you might look good .

I got closer to him, kissed him on his cheek , close to him mouth , I smiled and said :

  •    As a souvenir . Thanks for the conversation I go inside now
  •    Wait, can I have your phone number
  •    Haha ….No.
  •    Can you tell me your name at least? I m M, he said.
  •    I m ….Well It does not matter.

And left before he could say anything . When I got inside my friends already where a little bit drunk and in mood for party dancing and all. I don’t know if he finished his 3rd cig , but he returned inside almost at the same time as me. I ordered another mojito and I sat on the couch near the table with my phone in my hand, surfing over Twitter  and not paying attention at what is happening around me. After like maybe 30 mins or more, my cousin comes to me and ask me if I know the guy at the next table because he didn’t get his eyes over me since I returned.

We had small talk outside and maybe he is bored and that’s why, I replied.

After another 5 or 10 minutes, I feel a slow tap on my shoulder. I turn around and  here he was standing . My cousin comes and ask me if I m alright. M blocked, he didn’t know what to do, I could barely hear him saying , ” I thought you don’t have a boyfriend. I’m really sorry ” .  ” Haha, I don’t he is my cousin and that is his wife ” ,  pointing out to my cousin’s wife . ” What do you want? You must want something since you been looking at me for the last hour and now you came and taped my shoulder.  He couldn’t say anything , he kept staring at my cousin . After like 3 minutes I hear him whisper ” can we go outside for 10 minutes please, I want to tell you something.

We went outside, in same place we spoke earlier, he takes a sit, puts his hands on his face like he was really stressed .

  • Look, I know I might sound like a weirdo  but …. I have never meet someone like you. Like never, not even close. So direct, so normal looking, no not normal , I did not mean to offend… just that you are not the type of beauty they show on tv, oh crap that sounded bad, no what I mean is you look normal, dressed normal not provocative, you have an innocent smile. Not that is anything wrong with your way of dressing …. Wtf is wrong with me. No I did not bring you here to offend you  if that’s what you think, I just don’t know how to express this. I’ve been thinking of what you told me over and over again. I have no problems with my sexuality, I enjoy fucking girls .  I don’t want to be submissive. I just, you sound interesting I would like to know more about you . Could we meet for a coffee tomorrow? before I go.
  • No , I replied . Then walked away
  • No, no, wait please, wait, he said
  • I don’t want to fuck you, I mean I m attracted to you but no I don’t wanna get in your pants, just that I want to talk to you more, feels like you crawled in my mind and I will get crazy if I don’t talk to you ever again. Please.
  • No, we had a nice chat, but that is all, I do not plan meeting you, I do not look for a boyfriend and I have enough friends for now.
  • Ok, ok, how much do you charge per hour? 30 E ? 50 E ? 100?  he gets his wallet out of his pocket and try handling me 100 euros . Here you go, now could we talk more? please? Its crazy, I never did this before …. please.
  • I am sorry, but I think you did not understand me. I am not an escort , and the subs that have the privilege of spending time with me, have it because they have earned it. Not because they pay an hourly fee. I said throwing his money back
  • No, sorry, wait, I did not mean to offend you. I don’t want to buy you, just don’t know how to act around you. How does one become one of your, how you call them , slaves? I mean I m sure I can find you somewhere right?
  • Right, I m all over internet, you just have to wish hard enough and you will find me.
  • But how? can you tell me anything? anything
  • Girlfriend, I replied
  • What? Girlfriend? No I do not have  a girlfriend .
  • Bye
  • No, wait please .
  • If you excuse me I will go inside, was nice to meet you M.

Yesterday, I got a DM  on  Twitter . “My name is M , we spoke a while ago. I’ve been trying to forget what happened that night, but I don’t know what happened, its like you put a spell or a curse on me . Took me some time, but I found you, can’t believe I did. “


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